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Did Tesla Buy Slew Of Anti-Union Domain Names In Fight Against UAW?
Daily Caller
Tesla appears to have registered a slew of anti-union domain names earlier this month as employees at the electric vehicle maker's California facility begin pushing the company to unionize. More than 20 domain names referencing Tesla and the United ...

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Trademarks and Domain Names Composed of Common Terms
One of the differences between applications for trademarks and registrations for domain names is that applied-for marks are examined by a gatekeeper and domain names are not. In the trademark world, rights to particular terms are circumscribed by ...

The Merkle

What is Domain Fronting?
The Merkle
Their only option is to allow all traffic to legitimate domain names, or block said domain entirely without having a valid reason to do so. The collateral damage caused by blocking the wrong domain could be quite severe, to say the least. Popular ...

Business Insider

Martin Shkreli buys personal domain names of journalists - Business ...
Business Insider
Former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli is trolling journalists who have written about him by purchasing the internet domains associated with their ...

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Tracking the growth of .Brand top level domain names
Domain Name Wire
A lot of things are playing out slowly with new top level domain names, including the adoption of so-called “.brand” domain names. These are domains such as .google and .mlb that are owned by brands. Now you can track the progress these domains are ...

End user domain name sales up to $200k
Domain Name Wire
Regardless, the prices suggest the buyer has plans for the domain names. £10,000 – The domain name has whois privacy but the buyer has already uploaded a logo for its new site. $6,500 – Haunted House Media will offer ...

Boing Boing

Martin Shkreli buying domain names of people who write about him ...
Boing Boing
Over the past five months, Shkreli has purchased domains associated with writers from Vice, Vanity Fair, AOL, Bloomberg, Dealbreaker, and Gizmodo, along ...
Martin Shkreli Is Collecting Journalist Domain Names - UproxxUPROXX
How to Buy Your Personal Domain Name Before Some Dumb Troll ...Gizmodo

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Small Business Trends

Top Considerations for Domain Names and Hosting Providers
Small Business Trends
Your website is your company's virtual address to the world. While businesses put a lot of time and effort into website design and usability features, equally important decisions, like selecting a hosting provider, often receive less attention. In fact ... (subscription)

The Domain Name System (DNS): Complicated Technology Explained in Simple Terms [Infographic] (subscription)
Luckily, the folks at Web Hosting Geeks understand domain name systems very well, and they put together a guide that explains DNS simply for those of us who use domain names regularly—including marketers who might be required to come up with ...


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